DIGITAL EXPERT WEBINAR SERIES: Introduction to Data Advertising for Display Ads

Learn how to reach more of your audience with better targeting.


This 40-minute live webinar, with Dina Hilal, VP of Product at Blue Kai, and Alex Henault, Leading Display Data Advertising at Mediative, will take you through the process of getting started with audience targeting and data advertising. Join Dina and Alex as they show you how to ramp up your audience targeting capabilities and increase marketing intelligence that can be gained from your audience data to achieve your performance goals.


Highlights of the session include:


- How to precisely target an audience without sacrificing scale  
- How to capture segmentations that align to customer intent and help build smarter media campaigns
- How to consolidate your data targeting capabilities into one system to optimize your media investment


Presented by:


Dina Hilal, VP Product, Blue Kai




Alex Henault, Leading Display Data Advertising, Mediative



Bill Barnes, VP Business Development, Mediative




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