DIGITAL EXPERT Webinar Series: Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

The focus of most B2B digital marketing campaigns is maximizing the amount of qualified traffic that is driven to your website. However, generating traffic is only one part of the lead generation process - are you converting these visitors into customers?


Join Marketo’s VP, Marketing Content and Strategy, Jon Miller and Mediative’s Senior Manager, Direct Marketing, Angie Dzwonkiewicz in this 40-minute live webinar as they discuss:



  • - The different types of channels and strategies that are used to generate leads.
  • - The role of social media in lead generation.
  • - How to implement and get the most out of lead scoring.
  • - How to know which lead management platform is right for you.
  • - How to measure your success.


Presented by:

Jon Miller


VP, Marketing Content and Strategy, Marketo

Angie Dzwonkiewicz 


Senior Manager, Direct Marketing, Mediative


Bill Barnes 


VP Sales, Mediative



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