Shopper Marketing Behaviour: A Glimpse into the Online Behaviours of Women

Though the Internet is a global entity, not all users are identical.


This study shows that factors such as culture, age and particularly gender affect online purchasing behaviour: what was once assumed about women is rapidly shifting. However, their purchasing power continues to be overlooked by marketers.


The findings demonstrate clear behavioural differences between three segments:


1. Young Women

2. Digital Moms

3. Professional


A woman’s online behaviour represents a complex system and is influenced by multiple facets of her life. Understanding who these women are, what they do, where they go, and what trends exist in the online context is essential in maximizing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


The study also includes two client campaign case studies for the Diaper Finder Program, U by Kotex® and Walmart, which highlight the successful applications of the results. 

Download A Glimpse into the Online Behaviours of Women

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