The Effectiveness of Display Advertising on a Desktop PC vs. a Tablet Device

New Eye Tracking Research

Tablet usage has exploded recently with 23.6% of US Smartphone owners also using a tablet in the period of Feb-Apr 2012, according to ComScore. Last year just 9.7% of Smartphone owners also used tablets. This has potential impact on how influential display advertising is to an ever-growing mobile web user.

The purpose of this study was to determine what differences, if any, there are in the effectiveness of display advertising on a PC vs. tablet device. Using Tobii's eye tracking technology, Mediative gained insight into:

  1. What differences there are in views and glances captured by display advertising on a desktop vs. an iPad.
  2. How people observe web pages containing advertising elements in various format types.
  3. Whether ads perform better in specific vertical website categories.

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