The BuyerSphere Project: How Business Buys From Business in a Digital Marketplace

Learn how B2B buying behaviour can affect your business.


The BuyerSphere Project is a 'perspective changing' look at how businesses buy from other businesses, especially in the age of the digital marketplace. It's based on extensive and groundbreaking research that took a fresh look at organizational buying behaviour. The results will make you smack your head and exclaim "Of course, that makes so much sense", leaving you wondering why you didn't see it before. Just remember, the important thing is that you see it before your competition!

The findings point to actionable strategies and tactics as they apply to search marketing, marketing automation, online advertising, and the sales process itself. 

There is more complexity here than we often think...This new knowledge will certainly help Google better advise our B2B clients on how to use search and online channels more effectively and efficiently."

Mark McMaster, B2B and Technology Markets, Google


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