Mediative Research: Eye Tracking and Click Mapping Google Places


We have done a lot of research over the years, using eye-tracking technology, remote surveys, click mapping and face-to-face interviews to examine how people interact with web pages. In this research into Google Places, we wanted to see how people interact with search results from the listings. Where do they look on the page? Does it make a difference if a listing has reviews? Do people really look at the map? Does Google's Golden Triangle still get a lot of attention?


Using the Tobii eye tracking technology in our Toronto office's TiveTankTM  research lab, we put Google maps business listings to the test. We also ran the study online and mapped where people clicked.


In this whitepaper, we look at the importance of social signals in a Google Places listing, the effect of thumbnail images, and what happens when a listing offers more clickable assets.


Download the whitepaper to view all the heat maps, click maps, and analysis of the results with recommendations on making the most of your Google Places listing.


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