Mediative Whitepaper: The Online Display Advertising Ecosystem


Understand the true value of display advertising, and how best to optimize it.

This paper aims to describe the various aspects and best practices of online display advertising to better understand the real value of this type of promotion, and to improve its performance, both in terms of branding and response rates.


Key Areas Covered Include:


  • Online Advertising Blindness
  • Research Methodologies in Online Advertising
  • Formats of Online Advertisements
  • Performance Measures
  • Types of Creatives
  • Context
  • Exposure to Advertising
  • Trends




  • Advertising that is not fully exploited is not necessarily ineffective.
  • Reaction to the form of presentation directly affects the Internet user’s attitude towards the advertising itself.
  • Flash banners stimulate users by shortening the time to process those decisions where several factors need to be considered.
  • Display advertising must be approached differently on mobile platforms.
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