The BuyerSphere Project Pt. 3 - Maximizing Online: Leveraging Your Online Touch Points

Learn how B2B buying behavior can affect your business.Leveraging-Online-Touch-Points

In this third paper of the BuyerSphere series, Gord Hotchkiss explores how companies can support the process of persuasion, building trust and eliminating risk online. What little divide that exists between our online and offline worlds is rapidly melting away. Increasingly, the first place we turn for information is online. Previously, we accepted the fact that we couldn't know everything, that every piece of information wasn't accessible to us. But today, theoretically, it is. It's just a keyword search away.


Find out what kinds of search terms indicate the intent to purchase, as well as typical website scanning methods used by your customers depending on where they are in the buying funnel. This white paper also explains the significance of price and value as opposed to legacy when choosing a vendor.


Based on Enquiro (now Mediative) research on B2B buyer behavior, the paper covers best practices for leveraging search marketing's role in the B2B relationship. We show how to carry touch-points between each of the online channels, continuing to reduce the risk gap between vendor and buyer.


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