The BuyerSphere Project Pt. 1 - Mapping the BuyerSphere

Learn how B2B buying behavior can affect your business.Mapping-The-Buyersphere

When business buy, risk - and the subjective evaluation of risk complicates the marketer's buying funnel mod
el. Findings from a new comprehensive study on B2B buying by Enquiro (now Mediative) show a difference in vantage points between buyers and their drive to eliminate risk, and vendors who assume a rational buying process.


The research identifies a common "risk gap" that will depend on a number of factors, including a vendor's physical presence in the market, the number of people involved in the buying organization, and a product's recognized differentiation.


In the 18-page paper, author Gord Hotchkiss examines differing buyer roles, the identified risk control mechanisms, and the relative effect of a vendor's credibility and positioning. The paper also presents a mapping process for marketers to gain the necessary external perspective on their products.

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