The BuyerSphere Project Pt. 2 - Integrated Persuasion Online and Offline

Learn how B2B buying behavior can affect your business.

In this second paper of the BuyerSphere series, we look at the power of face-to-face when businesses sell to other businesses. As a company engages with prospects, there are numerous ways to leverage online marketing, digital correspondence, and face-to-face meetings. Some parts of the process are much more effective in person, while others aren't.


It all ties together with the fundamentals of persuasion, and understanding the need for information and trust. But these don't necessarily come at the same time, and as the purchaser progresses through the buying cycle, the order of these is important.


Based on Enquiro (now Mediative) research on B2B buyer behavior, the paper covers best practices for online and offline integration. We show how marketing and sales can leverage the right assets at the right time for effective persuasion.

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