Mediative eBook: From the Creation to the Evolution of Location Based Marketing

A Canadian Deep Dive


Consumers' changing needs are defined by a combination of variables:


  • 1. WHAT (their intention)
  • 2. WHERE (their physical location)
  • 3. NOW (immediacy of their demand)

Local marketing helps consumers fufill their most immediate goals in a meaningful and engaging way. To put it simply, it works. Local marketing has always been a necessary part of the marketing mix for many businesses, but now - with digital access - it has become significantly enhanced.


In this eBook we will describe the local marketing landscape in Canada and the potential opportunity for consumer marketers to enhance their digital strategy. Find out about:


  • - What location based marketing is exactly
  • - The historical evolution of location marketing
  • - The core value of local marketing
  • - Personalized targeting
  • - Why you should consider a location based marketing approach 


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