The BuyerSphere Project Pt. 4 - Building Business Online: Your Digital Persuasion Portfolio

Building-Business-Online-CoverLearn how B2B buying behavior can affect your business.

Most buisnesses look at their website as  alead generation tool, but the potential is much greater than that. The vendor website is consistently the 
most influential factor for buyers in B2B purchases. It can support the buyer through a long and complex sale, effectively getting the right information to different members of the buying team at the right times. 

We explore how to build a portfolio of web assets that persuade both buyers and doers, easing the information transition between them. We also show how to identify user intent and provide clear paths to the content and functionality they're looking for.


This white paper includes never before seen eye tracking results on how to maximize the effectiveness of email follow up, as well as the typical order of scanning on a website page. We also discuss how to build long term value from customers by providing relevant and compelling opportunities to connect with you online.

The white paper is published by Enquiro (now Mediative) with the help of Google,, Marketo, Demandbase and Covario

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